Personalized Veterinary Care
Wellness Nutrition Vet Consultation Dogs GeorgiaWe care about the total well-being of your pet. Dr. Falck will work with you to develop a plan to help improve your pet’s overall health, so that they may live longer and healthier lives. Preventive care and a balanced nutrition plan go hand-in-hand when maintaining the health of your four-legged family members, all of which are options that we will discuss with you.

Pet Nutrition Plan
Much like humans, nutrition is an essential factor in pet health & longevity. Proper nutrition forms the foundation of a strong immune system and optimal (overall) health. That’s why we always include diet in our medical history. We care so much that we may even look at your pet food and make sure the ingredients are good quality. We know that there are a multitude of choices for feeding your pet. Sometime, it can be confusing. A pretty bag doesn’t always equate with good ingredients.

Our PetWise Vet team thinks outside the box to find a customized dietary solution that works best for your pet. Depending on your pet’s health needs, we can put together an individual protocol that will recommend a specific diet in order to keep their health on track.

We want to be sure we help you choose the best diet for your pet. At PetWise Vet, your North Georgia mobile vet, we help provide preventive care and create a nutritional plan that best suits your family’s pet.
Wellness Nutrition Vet Consultation Cats Georgia
Remember that you won’t have to concern yourself with traveling to the vet’s office, and you can save your dog or cat from the stress of a trip, as well. Nutritional advice and preventive care planning can all take place within your own home.