Vaccines and Alternatives

In Home Mobile Vaccinations DogsDo you have questions about vaccines and alternatives? At Petwise Vet, our number one priority is that you receive the information you need to make educated choices. Since every pet is a unique individual, we approach them with customized care.

Gentle Pet Care
Our gentle pet care facilitates an easy visit in the calm of your own home. Clients often comment about how relaxed their pets are and how pleased they are.

Annual examinations and vaccinations are a breeze.

Vaccine Alternatives
We believe that not all pets are created equal where vaccines are concerned, and we don’t want your pet to receive vaccines that they don’t really need. That’s why we take the time to get to know you & your pet and your habits and determine the best approach.
In Home Mobile Vaccinations Cats

Vaccine Calculator

For help determining which vaccines your dog will need, please visit the AAHA Lifestyle-Based Vaccine Calculator.

Please download and fill out our Vaccination-Options-Form. You may hand this in to us when your pet is vaccinated. Thank you!