In Home Vet ExaminationsPhysical Exams and Welness Consultations, Lab and Diagnostic Testing

We offer house calls for our veterinary services in Northeast Georgia. From the comfort of your own home, your pet can receive the care they need to live a long, healthy and happy life. With everything from exams to urgent care, Dr. Carol Falck and her team utilize an integrative approach for your pets.

Exams and Consultations
Do you know how old your pet is in human years? Check out this chart and see often your pet needs a physical (See Pet Age Calculator). Since the examination is performed in your pet’s natural environment, there behavior will be more relaxed than in an animal hospital setting. Physical examination findings like temperature, heart/pulse rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure are more likely to be accurate.

in home dog vet examsYou may not see everything in our truck, but we have a huge inventory of pharmaceutical products. Instead of dealing with someone trained to sell you products, Dr. Falck is concerned with the health of your particular pet and familiar with their medical history.

Petwise Laboratory/Diagnostic Testing
With on-site i-STAT testing, our team at PetWise Vet can provide you with critical information about your pet’s health in a matter of minutes. We can detect diseases like diabetes at an early stage, when they are most successfully treated. Full blood chemistry and other laboratory tests are also available.
Nutritional tests for food sensitivities from a saliva sample are a perfect example of the individualized care that we offer.