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Dr. Carol Falck makes veterinary house calls in Northeast Georgia including Cleveland, Dahlonega & Gainesville. We offer conventional & alternative options (known as integrative care) for cats, dogs and other animals. Your pet receives comprehensive, quality healthcare in the comfort of your own home. Detecting illness early has been shown to improve the likelihood of a positive outcome. When you schedule a house call with PetWise Vet we deliver an advanced level of care, ensuring longer, healthier lives.

Benefits of a House Call
When you choose PetWise, your pet is getting so much more than just an exam. For instance, you and your pet will have your appointment at home. Not only does this add a level of convenience for you, it can ease any tension your dog or cat might normally feel about having to visit with the vet. Your pet will also receive more personalized care, as you and your four-legged family member will have individualized time with Dr. Falck.

Consistent, Reliable Care
Our team here at PetWise Vet is large in experience and in heart. We will get to know your pet and treat them as if they are a part of our own families. With our veterinary house calls in the North Georgia area, appointments will be more organized and personable, as opposed to the chaotic waiting room of your standard vet office.

Additionally, we will have the opportunity to inform you about the medical needs of your pet, as you will have the time to provide us with a detailed history of their health. In doing so, we will come up with a treatment plan together that will best suit your family’s furry friend. And because your pet will feel more comfortable in their own space, exams will less stressful for your cat or dog.

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