Why Does My Pet Have Bad Breath?

Why Does My Pet Have Bad Breath?

Bad breath is often a sign of gum disease. It all starts when plaque builds up on the teeth. Certain breeds including Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, Poodles and Chihuahuas may be predisposed. Other conditions such as kidney disease and oral tumors can also cause bad breath.

Most pets over 2 years old already suffer from periodontal disease! The plaque and bacteria under the gums will eventually lead to bone destruction and loose teeth. Bacteria can also travel through the bloodstream to the heart, liver and other organs causing internal damage.

If your pet has bad breath, please contact us for an appointment. Dr. Falck will complete a “head-to-tail” examination for your pet including the teeth and gums. We’ll help you create a home dental plan to keep your pet’s pearly whites clean and his/her breath fresh.

Ask about holistic options to help treat and prevent gum disease, including herbal and essential mouthwashes and rinses.